Cogeme e l’Ambiente
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Cogeme e l’Ambiente

Cogeme Set Group based all its manufacturing activities with the greatest attention to the respect of the Environment and Health and Safety of its employers. This guidance is intended to ensure improvement of performance through:

  • • Timely management of mandatory legislative requirements
  • • Commitment to protecting inside and outside environment
  • • Continuous technological improvement of processes and resources for the protection of human and environment health
  • • Reduction of energy consumption and optimization of natural resources use
  • • Reduction of waste production
  • • Involvement of all the staff with appropriate training activities, awareness and information.
  • • Control and reduction of significant environmental impacts and of risks associated with its activities

Proof of the continuous effort of the Cogeme Set Group in the improvement of the environmental and safety performances is evidenced by obtained certifications:

UNI EN ISO 14001
– Cogeme set s.p.a. (Patrica – Italy)
– Cogeme do Brasil (Cabreuva – Brazil)

OHSAS 18001
– Cogeme do Brasil (Cabreuva – Brazil)



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