Cogeme India
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Cogeme India

INDIA (Pune)

Cogeme Precision Parts India Pvt. Ltd. has been incorporated in October 2007 and the facility became operational in April 2009.

It is located at Pune (Maharashtra) which is around 175 km from Mumbai (Commercial Capital of India). Pune is centrally located in India and well connected to other parts of country by road, rail and air. Being close to Mumbai is also convenient for sea transport.
The Company is situated at one of the prime Industrial areas in Pune. In the same vicinity Companies like Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, General Motors, Mahindra Navistar, Bajaj Auto, etc. have their factories. Cogeme India has world class manufacturing facility.

The shop floor built in the first phase is around 4000 m2; having further scope of expansion for around 2600 m2.

The office block admeasuring 1050 m2; takes care of all administrative functions. The current strength of employees at Cogeme India is around 160 nos.

Cogeme India is subsidiary of Cogeme Set S.p.A. Italy and in to the business of manufacturing High Precision Engineering Components and Assemblies for different verticals in the industries such as Automotive, Bearing, Hydraulics, Textile Engineering, Health Care Machinery, Machine Tools, etc. Cogeme’s solutions create synergy mainly in to Turbo Chargers, Fuel Injection Systems, High Pressure Pumps, Power Steering Systems, Rotary Components, Spindles and Transmission Assemblies.


Cogeme India has adopted high end technology and utilize most modern machines to produce complex precision parts and assemblies. The Company follows the international quality standards for the automotive market.
Cogeme India has ambitious plans in near future to strengthen its position in the market as most preferred supplier for precision parts and complex assemblies.