Cogeme Italy
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Cogeme Italy

ITALY (Patrica)

It is the Headquarter of the Group. Established in the 1974, since 1991 is focused on the realization of high precision solutions.

The plant is located in the industrial area of Frosinone, close to the A1 highway. The site covers an area of 16.286 m2 of which 5.520 are covered, structured in 4 manufacturing units well organized according to main product families in order to optimize internal flows.

The plant performs all its activity at an extremely high level of automation and in accordance with the highest quality standards. It is installed a network for SPC controls, with measurement stations located beside working stations in all departments of production, in the laboratory and in Incoming Acceptance area.

The site is also equipped with a climate-controlled Metrological Room and Room for Control of Cleanness. At the Italian site are located the central offices of Sales, R&D, Quality. Cogeme Set Patrica is launched in the technological challenge to achieve ever higher standards of the global automotive market.