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Future is already our present


Deliver the best in the automotive sector. Be ready for new technologies in electrification.


Build a relationship.
Customize the product.
Provide quality.


Our Certifications tell the story of our obsession with Quality.
Now and in the future

Ready for the new automotive era

Challenges attract us. Every time has one. Now our horizons are moving towards the new frontier of electrification

An organized, flexible and dynamic structure

Cogeme has over 40 years of experience in the sector. It has world-class manufacturing facilities that provide high-precision mechanical solutions. The company portfolio includes a wide range of products for different automotive applications.

The obsession with precision

With over 40 years of experience, Cogeme has world class manufacturing facilities providing high precision mechanical solutions.

Our numbers speak

The splendid simplicity of the numbers speaks louder than many speeches.

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Years of Experience

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Skilled Employees

Each product is a result of our high quality journey

The company portfolio includes a wide range of products for several Automotive applications. Focus of the Group is on Turbochargers and Powertrain markets, for which innovative manufacturing processes are needed to meet Customers technical challenge.